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Just want to know you’re doing everything ‘right,’ mama?

Growing and birthing a bub can be beautiful and overwhelming.

Your body is changing. There are new aches and pains. And you want to prepare for birth in the best – and safest - way possible.

I'm here to help


Check out below the 4 ways I can work with you to help you be guided through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

I am here to help you feel confident, supported, and strong in this new life chapter.

Free Discovery Call

Book a 15 minute discovery call so we can connect, you can share with me your goals, struggles and I'll also share with you how we can work together. 


Quick Quiz

Find out what your Pregnancy & Recovery Challenges are!


Safe pregnancy & postnatal workouts

Prepare for birth and recover safely with guided exercises to do while pregnant at home & after birth.


Access to specialists

Have your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum questions answered with live Q&As, guest speakers, and me, your perinatal physiotherapist.

Meet Kath Baquie, FitNest Mama founder

From the ups and downs of pregnancy, the challenges of birth, and the haze of the newborn bubble. I don’t just understand the phrase “adjusting to a new normal.”  I’ve lived the experience!

And I’m here to support you through yours.

Hi, I’m Kath. I’m a mum, perinatal physiotherapist, and founder of FitNest Mama.

Many new or expectant mamas tell me they wanted to properly prepare for and recover from birth - they just didn’t know where to start.

Their pregnancy or birth could have been easier. Their recovery could have been smoother. 

Let me guide you with pregnancy safe exercises at home, & after birth exercise plans, practical education, expert guest speakers, plus our growing community of like-minded mamas.

Feel confident, strong, and supported before and after having your baby. So you don’t have to say, "I wish I knew about this sooner!”


 The FitNest Mama Podcast 


If you’re looking for support and inspiration to help you have a wonderful pregnancy, confident childbirth & strong after birth recovery, this podcast is for you. 

You’ll hear from myself, midwives, doctors and other industry experts on everything from childbirth, breastfeeding to pelvic floor recovery as well as birth stories from mamas just like you. 

1 in 3 women will wet themselves after they’ve had a baby.

Issues with pelvic pain are thought to affect between 50-80% of pregnant women.

We're here to change that.

You can, too, by putting YOU on your priority list.

Discover your Pregnancy & Recovery Challenges


Just want to know you’re doing everything ‘right,’ mama?

Growing and birthing a bub can be beautiful and overwhelming.

Your body is changing. There are new aches and pains. And you want to prepare for birth in the best – and safest - way possible.

You’re Googling everything, from strange symptoms to best online pregnancy workouts.

Despite all the opinions, comments, and theories on the (one million) questions you have about your pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery, it’s almost impossible to find clear, credible, and trustworthy answers.

Pregnancy safe exercises at home & support for every stage of your mama-journey

That begins with having a pregnancy exercise plan, knowing what exercises to do, when, and why.

With practical online education, workouts for pregnant women & after birth, expert mentorship, and a supportive community, you’ll have the essentials for a healthy pregnancy and an after-birth experience you deserve – without the guesswork!

A FitNest Mama Membership is your step-by-step, self-paced roadmap to prepare and recover from birth, and take on this new chapter.

"I wish I had this during my pregnancies!"


"This is so amazing! All Mummas need to know about this."


"Such a wonderful resource for mums!"


See what all the fuss is about!


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Book a 15 minute discovery call so we can connect, you can share with me your goals, struggles and I'll also share with you how we can work together.

Frequently Asked Questions

FitNest Mama has a section of gentle workouts that have been created for mamas with an achey pelvis or back. In addition, all workouts are created by a physio for women, and modifications are always provided for those in discomfort. There are also resources to help you self-manage your pain, including spikey ball massage, tips for sleeping, stretches and more. FitNest will perfectly compliment any hands-on/face to face treatment you may require.

FitNest Mama is your go-to resource for safe pregnancy exercises, pregnancy resources and an amazing community of other mamas. In addition to live & on-demand workouts, you also have access to guest speakers (hypnobirthing, calm birthing, baby massage & more), and regular Q&As with Physio Kath, to help support you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth & after birth recovery.

Absolutely! In addition to a Pregnancy Module, there is also a Childbirth & After-birth Recovery Module, full of tips & tricks to really help you to have a confident childbirth and amazing postnatal recovery.

Don't worry, we totally understand how it feels to be so busy and sometimes overwhelmed with all the info. This is why FitNest has bite sized lessons you can do when it suits you. In addition, there are quick 15 minute workouts if you're super time-poor, to help you squeeze in a bit of me time - and trust us, you'll feel amazing after one of our workouts!

As part of the FitNest Mama Membership you have access to a 12 week postnatal return to running program. This includes tests to check if your body is ready to hit the pavements, a 12 week running guide, and access to workouts that are designed to help take you to that next level. Even if you don't want to actually return to running, this program is designed to help you boost your postnatal rehab up a notch.

Absolutely! There are some really gentle core connect exercises for you to do in those first 6 weeks after birth, and then once you've had your postnatal medical check you can commence the regular live & on-demand classes. In addition, there are a whole heap of resources to help with your after birth recovery from 0-6 weeks, including info to help support your abdominal separation (diastasis rectus abdominis), and pelvic floor.

If you’re at any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, the answer is yes!

Even if you're 36 weeks pregnant, there is heaps of information to help you have an empowered and confident childbirth experience and postnatal recovery.

There's a Pilates class perfect for any stage of pregnancy, a Childbirth module, and an After-Birth Recovery weeks 0-6. With safe, effective exercises to do in those early days postpartum, and advice to help your abdominal & pelvic floor muscles recover, there is so much to dive into to help you kick start your postnatal recovery.

FitNest offers Live Pilates Classes, or a library of on-demand (24/7) workouts, along with modifications for different levels of ability. FitNest Mama’s learnings are self-paced or every stage of your pregnancy and postnatal journey. This means you don’t need to have a certain level of fitness or experience.

If you’re not exercising, now’s the best time to change that!

And because you can ask questions in real-time, you’ll have all the support to feel clear and confident about getting maximum results from your membership.

FitNest Mama is created by a qualified and practicing physiotherapist – not a general personal trainer. I’ve worked with women of all life stages and abilities. I also know how to show you to modify every exercise so you can perform it safely.

What’s more, FitNest Mama provides holistic care – it’s more than physiotherapy and workouts. It has input from dieticians, doctors, respected hypnobirthing experts, and more.

You can access all the benefits of the membership for the selected duration of your membership.

During this time you can revisit all information, workouts and Q&As as often as you like.

It’s all of the above! That’s what makes a FitNest Mama Membership so unique, effective and amazing value! FitNest Mama Membership combines:

  • FitNest Strength Return System:

Online education modules to help you exercise, prepare for, and recover from birth. Modules include short, sharp and easy-to-follow video tutorials created by a practising physiotherapist.

  • Weekly live workouts AND a library of on-demand workouts

There are weekly live pregnancy & postnatal pilates classes, in addition to a library of physio-based exercises (including modifications) suitable for every stage of pregnancy and the postpartum period. All are in video format, with no special equipment required, so you can follow along as Kath demonstrates each one.

  • Group coaching and mentorship

Things change fast in the perinatal period! You can ask Kath questions on the fly via our private Facebook group, or tune into the monthly live Q&As.

Plus, get front row seats to interviews with experts on maternal, holistic and mental health fields.

  • Community + connection

Every mama needs a village! Make friends and tap into the real talk, reassurance and wisdom of people who share your experiences in this private Facebook community.

Yes! Access to ongoing expert advice that you can trust is one of the most beneficial components of the membership.

You’ll see me daily in our private Facebook community, plus you can join me as I host monthly Q&As and regular live Facebook discussion with guest speakers.

When you’re growing a human or deep in the newborn bubble, time is in short supply.

That’s why FitNest Mama Memberships are self-paced. Visit course modules, workouts and our community as you need to without worrying about a timed completion schedule.

Online education modules are short and sharp video tutorials (3-4 per module, average length of 10 minutes). You’ll have the detail you need without any of the fluff you don’t.

Looking for answers to pregnancy and postnatal questions online creates confusion. We’ll help you avoid that and reclaim those wasted hours.

You'll have access to our Member Hub as soon as you join. Here you’ll find your video lessons, downloadable resources, checklists, and workouts.

Dip into these at any time - think of it like your personal pregnancy and postnatal Netflix!

You’ll also receive an invitation to join our private Facebook community where can make new friends, ask questions, and attend live Q&As with Kath and monthly guest speakers.

You can access all modules and workouts via your phone, and you’ll receive instructions on downloading the mobile app. It’s easy to use you can take FitNest Mama wherever you go!

You won’t miss a thing! All Q&As and videos are saved for you to watch when it suits you, so don't worry if you can't join us at their scheduled time.

Monthly Membership is as supportive as it is flexible. Access all modules and workouts, our Facebook community, monthly live Q&As and more without any lock-in contracts

Annual memberships include even more advantages.

Annual Membership offers incredible values at just AU$299. You’ll save AU$169 on monthly fees, equivalent to over 4 months free.

If you are within a 7 day free trial, simply log into your member hub and cancel before the trial ends, or email [email protected].

If you’re a monthly member, simply log into your member hub and cancel any time. You’ll only be charged for the remainder of the month you’re in. (Refunds can’t be given for days remaining in that month.)

12-month members will receive a renewal email near the end of their membership advising of automatic renewal payment occurring soon. If you don’t want to continue your membership, just hit reply to the email and let me know, or log into the member hub where you can cancel at any time.

All our members have access to a Pelvic Health Checklist, which is a guide to help you know if you would also benefit from seeing a pelvic floor physio for 1:1 assessment & treatment.

This membership complements any treatment being received. In addition to pelvic pain and pelvic floor friendly workouts with modifications available, learning modules, guest expert speakers and regular ongoing support, this membership also has a lovely private community of other mamas living the same experience.

You can ask any questions you need, and have the support from Kath, via the private Facebook Group. Kath is here to support you to have a wonderful pregnancy, childbirth & after-birth recovery.


TAKE THE FREE ONLINE PHYSIO CLASS: 4 Mistakes Women Make When Exercising During Pregnancy & After Birth.

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