Our founder Kath created FitNest Mama because she knows how pregnancy and post-birth recovery comes with it’s fair share of overwhelm.

First of all, she’s a mum of three little girls.

The body changes, baby brain and total sleep deficit? She’s been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. 

And she’s also a physiotherapist who knows her way around the pregnancy and post-natal block. 

For years, Kath has worked with women to help them prepare for and recover from birth.

This looks like everything from assessing post-baby aches, pains and pelvic floor muscles to treating incontinence, vaginal prolapse and painful sex after birth.

No matter what the specific treatment strategy, Kath has helped women have a happy, healthy pregnancy AND get back to doing the things they love after childbirth, with a baby by their side.

But in the whirlwind that is growing and birthing a bub? Kath knows how easy it is for mamas to fall down to the bottom of their own priority list. 


That’s why she created FitNest Mama: to help you take care of yourself with confidence, in the comfort of your own home.


Whether it’s navigating pregnancy or the early days of motherhood, Kath knows how essential it is to find information you can trust.

And most of all, she knows the power of having ongoing support and advice on hand so that you can turn that information into action.


The FitNest Mama Membership is here to give you the roadmap you need to navigate pregnancy and post-natal recovery - without the overwhelm.

It’s a hub of online learning, resources and workouts to help you stay safe, healthy and active.

It’s a safe space where you can get your questions clearly answered by experts who work in this field every day.

It’s a community where you can find support, make friends and talk to people who ‘just get it’.

FitNest Mama is here to support and cheer you on as you settle into your ‘new normal’ - whatever that looks like.