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Ready to kickstart your postnatal fitness?

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Want to get your body ready to return to fitness after having a baby?


... Learn HOW to SAFELY look after your body, as you return to fitness (including running, HIIT etc), post baby

... to HELP PROTECT your body from pelvic floor issues, and aches & pains

... and feel CONFIDENT, and EMPOWERED about your postnatal rehab & motherhood journey


This free 3 day workshop is perfect for you if:

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You are ready to get back into fitness after having a baby, but you want to make sure you're looking after your body.

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You are at least 6 weeks after birth (and you've received your medical check).

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You want to make sure your pelvic floor and core are ready.

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You feel you need support to return to running, HIIT, gym etc.

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You would like to boost your after birth recovery up a notch.

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You're not sure if your body is quite ready to hit the pavements.

During this Free Live Workshop, you will discover...

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DAY 1: Knowing you're ready to 'jump' back in

Not sure you’re ready to get back into fitness after giving birth? First we need to establish your pelvic floor muscle readiness. This is the initial step to know whether now is the time to get back into fitness postpartum.

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DAY 2: Ensuring your body is ready for exercise

It’s not uncommon for your body to feel different after you’ve given birth. Now’s the time to find out how your body’s strength and stability is. So you can best help your recovery and get back into fitness.

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DAY 3: Your Step by Step Plan for Success

Having established that your pelvic floor and body is ready to work out, on this day you’ll be given the confidence of a step by step plan. Ensuring you give yourself the best chance of reducing injury and feeling good as you move forward with your postnatal rehab plan.

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4: Support from Kath and a Community

Gain support and resources from Kath, founder of FitNest, runner, mum of 3 and physio for women.  Kath is here to support you and help you achieve your goals. Plus you’ll get access to our free Facebook community group to surround yourself with other awesome mamas.

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As someone who is 12 months postnatal I found the classes surprisingly challenging and a great balance between strength and core. I loved that the exercises could be tailored to my current level of ability and goals.

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"I found my after-birth (via emergency c-sec) body experience was challenging ... I joined FitNest and I really enjoy the live-zoom pilates session each week... I am noticing a huge difference in my leg strength and am getting back into running! I would recommend Kath to anyone looking to be involved in pilates at any level."

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Join the waitlist for this free 3 day postnatal workshop!

FitNest 3 Day Postnatal Workshop: Getting Back to Fitness


  1. Support from Kath, a mama x 3, Physio for women, & Founder of FitNest Mama
  2. Checklists and Tests to help you work out if your body is ready to get back into fitness
  3. Action plans and a specialised workout to help you confidently get back into fitness
FitNest Mama Kath Baquie

Meet Kath Baquie, FitNest Mama founder

From the ups and downs of pregnancy, the challenges of birth, and the haze of the newborn bubble. I don’t just understand the phrase “adjusting to a new normal.”  I’ve lived the experience!

And I’m here to support you through yours.

Hi, I’m Kath. I’m a mum, perinatal physiotherapist, and founder of FitNest Mama. 

Many new or expectant mamas tell me they wanted to properly prepare for and recover from birth - they just didn’t know where to start. 

Let me help you feel more confident about childbirth and after birth recovery, because I know and understand how knowledge and support can be so crucial in helping to reduce the overwhelm that we are sometimes faced with when it comes to childbirth recovery postnatal rehab.

I can wait to welcome you into your new community of other like-minded mamas.